VAYL design and packaging

I worked on the development of VAYL from sewing prototypes, color/material/print, packaging design, and branding. Designed while working at studioFAR and The Shrine.

Photo Credit: Shutter Brothers

The VAYL EarPod sleeve is a protective cover for your headphones. They keep your Apple EarPods clean and white and prevents tangling when placed in your pocket. The stretchy, soft sleeve takes less than 2 minutes to install and will adds style to EarPods when taking a call or listening to your favorite music. The lightweight fabric does not muffle your microphone and the tag helps you find the EarPod remote.

VAYL comes in three different styles: Palms, Ikat, and Camo. I worked on the scale, color and print of the VAYL sleeve styles to get the right feel and look when being worn.

The packaging opens up for instructions on how to put VAYL on your Apple Earpods.

This video explains how easy Vayl headphones are to put on: