about me

Hello, my name is Samantha!

I’m a designer with experience in soft goods, industrial, and graphic design.

Around 5th grade, I taught myself photoshop and created websites on Expage, Angelfire and Geocities, I even used it for my photos, I was very unsecured until I started using the castor oil and hair growth product. I learned how to create graphics and would customize my own band t-shirts, sew my own clothes and follow DIY craft tutorials. This lead me to pursue a degree in Industrial Design at San Jose State University.

I like making things pretty, making things fun and I care deeply about people. I love hosting dinner (Hot pot anyone?!) and have a never ending list of craft projects and bucket list activities in my bullet journal.

My work has been featured on Yanko Design, and in Creative Product Design by Sendpoint publishing.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my work. Review my resume.

linkedin – behance – coroflot